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Please forgive me as this thread is 7 miles long and haven't read everything

But I haven't got anything to work yet.

I have a Midi Fighter twister so there isn't a premade mst or zon file. So I tried to make my own. I believe I did that sort of... I got the files to show up in the drop down menus in the configure menu. The console outputs this message though

OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b4 20 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b4 21 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b4 22 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b4 23 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b2 20 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b2 21 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b2 22 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b2 23 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b4 20 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b4 21 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b4 22 01
OUT -> MidiFighterTwister b4 23 01

My mst looks like this:

Widget RotaryA1
Encoder b2 00 7f
FB_Encoder b2 00 7f

Widget RotaryA2
Encoder b2 01 7f
FB_Encoder b2 01 7f

Widget RotaryA3
Encoder b2 02 7f
FB_Encoder b2 02 7f

Widget RotaryA4
Encoder b2 03 7f
FB_Encoder b2 03 7f

Widget RotaryA5
Encoder b4 00 7f
FB_Encoder b4 00 7f

Widget RotaryA6
Encoder b4 01 7f
FB_Encoder b4 01 7f

Widget RotaryA7
Encoder b4 02 7f
FB_Encoder b4 02 7f

Widget RotaryA8
Encoder b4 03 7f
FB_Encoder b4 03 7f

It seems the cc numbers aren't matching the console output and what I put in the mst, I also don't know why the 7f and 01 are different. I copied the syntax from the C4 mst. So I know I did most of this right, I wasn't sure on the 7f thing.

(btw, the mf twister sends a diff channel when you push and turn a knob, that's why there is b2 and b4)

So yeah there's a problem there I believe. I'm also definitely positive I don't know how to do the zone thing. For right now, I wanted to use one bank (on the twister, that is, there are four banks of 16 knobs) as 16 tracks of volume control (with the push and turn controlling the pan) But I just tried to do four knobs for now for testing purposes. My zone file looks like this: I just copied it from something else and changed rotary to trackvolume figuring the rest that I didn't have didn't matter for now. But anyhow, if someone could direct me a little I would appreciate it.

Zone Home

Zone Buttons
TrackLeft TrackBank -1
TrackRight TrackBank 1
Rewind Rewind
FastForward FastForward
Stop Stop
Play Play
Record Record

Shift Shift
Option Option
Control Control
Alt Alt

Marker Reaper 40157
MarkerLeft Reaper 40172
MarkerRight Reaper 40173

Cycle CycleTimeline

Zone Channel|1-8
Rotary| TrackVolume
Fader| TrackPan
RecordArm| TrackRecordArm
Solo| TrackSolo
Mute| TrackMute
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