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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
I'm still using the C4 config from weeks back. How do I use the new one and what's the deal with the FX monitor now? I've been glossing over those posts, focusing on other stuff but I think I'm ready to delve into this one (before it changes again, ha)
You're picking it up at just the right moment

The new CSI FX Params now outputs the parameters directly into a folder (Zones/ZoneRawFXFiles). The new Configurator loads this file and lets you populate the cells from drop-down menus.

As you add parameters to the cells, they are removed from the list, so the list gets shorter as you work. If you delete a parameter from the cell it's added back to the list.

When you're done, you create the zone as before, but instead of the file ending up on the Desktop, it is put in Zones/ZoneFXFiles.

Just make sure you have the two folders ZoneRawFXFiles and ZoneFXFiles in your Zones folder and you should be good to go
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