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Default 4 theme questions for White Tie

Question #1: Underlay Images
Is it possible to get "underlay" images in addition to the "overlay" images?
using the mute button overlay as an example:

proposed mute "underlay" example:

the overlay file overlays everything that is not also an overlay.
The best example of this as an issue is with shadows.
If setting the track label to slide over and hide a button with a shadow, the button gets hidden as expected, but the button's shadow still shows.
The only work around I've found is to include the shadow in the button image.
This makes the button's target click area much larger than the button image and creates another issue.

Question #2: Yellow Lines for Buttons
is it possible to get yellow lines to work in the button files?
this would alleviate part of the issue in question #1

Question #3: True Image Swap
is it possible to get an actual image swap for other elements besides the knob stacks?
This would allow a different image to be used depending on the size.
It would be very beneficial to have this ability for buttons, labels, fader caps, etc.


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