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Guys, I was testing stuff and was further able to narrow what's happening down to these two conditions:

- Using some other audio driver than lowlatency ASIO
- Using the "Create new files per loop" option in any form

--> Causes recording gaps by the loopend or even loopstart (sometimes), which seem to depend on the latency setting for their size.

So it's not the "At each loop add media to project" preference, but rather the fact that it creates new files per loop that causes the problem here. In fact I can set the pref to "Add media on stop (default" and it works correctly, but as soon as the "New files each cycle" checkbox is ticked, it starts adding the gap even in this default mode.

The OS is XPpro SP2.

One solution for my woes would be if one of the next versions just added a second checkbox-preference that let you "add media each loop", and be able to uncheck the "new file each cycle" option for that. Currently you cannot uncheck it, it's auto part of the recording mode.

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