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Originally Posted by ashcat_lt View Post
That should not actually show pre-fader levels. The extra channels are affected by the track fader exactly the same as 1/2. It will skip any plugins in the path, which is probably close enough. The one thing is, though, that 3/4 is pretty much universally used as the sidechain channels for anything that uses that. That's only really a problem if you actually are doing sidechaining, but it might be best to keep that particular pair clear and default to 5/6 or something.
True, I tend to keep my faders at unity anyway as much as possible, and even still it's relative, and that's what's important to gain match. Prefader is probably not technically correct, but you get the idea.

As for 3/4 and sidechaining, I thought channels were track independent? If I send from THIS track to 3/4 of THAT track, and send from THIS track to 3/4 on ANOTHER track, aren't they processed in their respective tracks independently? In fact I do it all the time with delay and reverb separately, sources coming from the same tracks.
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