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I'm sure LOTs of REAPER users have commercially-released music in a variety of formats...

MIDI doesn't require a studio and you don't need a studio to record an electric guitar or bass "direct".

If you are recording with a microphone you generally need to do some adaptations (some soundproofing and some sound absorption) to make some kind of studio environment.

Quite a few people record audiobooks at home, but they've also usually made some acoustic modifications.

You SHOULD also have a "good studio" and good monitors for mixing & mastering. (The experts always advise against using headphones as your primary mixing/mastering monitors.)

NOISE is the biggest issue so it depends on where you live and who lives in the house/apartment with you, etc. Sometimes you have to turn-off the heating & air conditioning, and maybe unplug the refrigerator or anything else that makes noise.
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