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Originally Posted by RDBOIS View Post
Hmmm... Software fixes hey?

Auto-tune, transient and EQ fixes only go so far, at least in my case.

---> I'm having difficulties with expression (e.g. emotional communication), ideal tone (e.g. the product of breath control, vocal function, adequate use of resonance, color, quality, registration, etc.), and figuring the best melody lines to fit the music. I've only begun to consciously work on these things, and also how and why to purposefully chose certain words, not only for their meaning, but for the arrangement of consonances and vowels. Never mind the struggle with proper microphone technique and all the times I fail to properly warm up my vocal cords.

Eq- ssshmEQ

I just need to sing better, on top of writing better songs.

Three memories just popped in my head: 1) this guy I met in a park in Cotati, California - sat beside me with his guitar and sang a song about Snow Cones and I was in shock - it was perfect in every way possible, and 2) a homeless guy in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, borrowed my guitar and sang a country song he wrote about a girl and lost love - it was so much better than anything I'd ever heard on the radio, 3) in a Rainbow gathering in the middle of forest, by the fire pit, a woman picked up a guitar and starting singing a song while walking around the fire. Everyone stopped talking an listened as she belted out what can be described as a punchy, rhythmic, reggae-folk type of song. She didn't have the greatest voice, but sang with confidence, energy, and life, and the guitar was just about right.

What these songs have in common was how simple they were and how they were sung with so much real and raw emotions -- how the melody lines and words were working perfectly with the whole sum of everything else. It was synergy at it's best. I'm almost 100% sure that what I heard in these three occasions could probably never be fully captured on tape or digital tracks.

I'm not too sure where I'm going with these stories, besides for the fact that --- I need to write better songs and stop worrying so much about EQ, compression, saturation, transients, etc. Perhaps it is easier to fork out money $, turn knobs, and slide sliders, than it is to create and express something original and great?
Trying to record as a musician making music, you are in effect two persons in the same space at the same time. Why not simply have a room with a high quality voice activated mic / recording system to capture your performance whenever you pick up your guitar and start playing? Possibly, one reason record labels charged bands so much for recording 70s-80s, was due to Artists going into studios and just letting tape roll to capture whatever happened. Going for that moment of pure golden spontaneity makes great recordings. When it happens, it's brilliant.

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