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Originally Posted by martifingers View Post
Yes, sounds fine to me too.
Thank you Marti -- I'm still not convinced headphones are absolutely necessary when it comes to a solo artist mixing / recording their own work. The Airsoft plugin recommendation is also huge Airsoft has a LOT of stuff going on - very very cool stuff that I barely understand (as of yet)

My thoughts are that if you are playing something live, then a microphone picking up your song in "real time" captures a quality in the final product (yes, after lots of mixing / mastering stuff) that people try to get through those SUPER CLEAN vocal tracks.

Maybe its just a differing philosophy / approach. I enjoy music through my ear and want to MAKE music through my ear - and there's nothing like just picking up a guitar in a living room with a few folks and pickin' some stuff out. It's RAW in a way that CAN get lost in recordings unless whoever is mastering is really good (I imagine).

*********Question*********** (from someone who's learning)

***Can someone who is more advanced than me give me an example of something that I can not do with the vocals here because they were not recorded with an "ideal" setup?
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