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Originally Posted by Aeolian View Post
For vocals in the control room, no headphones, with the nearfields on but down fairly low, you can try using a dynamic hypercardiod (beta58) and face the Mic directly away from the nearfields... so the nearfields hit right into the nullpoint of the Mic.

That should work fairly well, in fact, if the control room is big enough it is my preferred option for louder, faster stuff.

Room size is a big factor.

However, every man and their dog, tracks vocals in a silent room or booth, with cans, and for good reason.

Cool, thank you for the input - I appreciate the tip on the microphone as well. It's good to know that it is a preferred method in certain situations by another - and you have been calculated about it. By happenstance I think I came up with a good recording (out of necessity - two headphones going out) My bandmate looked at me like I had two heads when I suggested we try it
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