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Originally Posted by dldoodler View Post

A character Brickwall limiter with ratio control so you can dial back
a bit and get looser brickwall action if you compensate up to -12db on the output...

I find myself using this one on most of my songs where I use it on
the drumbus mainly to beef up stuff and make it pump.

The reason most of my plugins name start with "TLs" was simply many many
years ago I had a "Tube Limit Simple" in my head and shortened it down
to "TLs"... and it just stuck where it is easier to find them in a list...
..and 3113 is just a spinoff of 2112... yes I like Rush...

In other words.. dont take names and looks too seriously.. listen with your
ears... many hours into this one...

Only a Linux version at the moment... do try it out:

Linux 64bit

Are you Tin Brooke Tale, who made the other TLS plugins several years ago ?
If so, hats off to you, i enjoyed a lot your Saturated Driver and Pocket Limiter
It's been a while, i'm glad to see you're still making music and plugins, and thank you for your previous creations
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