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Originally Posted by doppelganger View Post
I read somewhere, that AMD cpus have bigger latency in realtime, i wonder, if it's true or fake.
Even 5-10 ms difference is very crucial to me.
I've seen references to that as well. I've also seen stuff like this from threads about Ryzens. From Reddit 10 months ago 2nd gen Ryzen being discussed. I'd be moving from an old i5 as well.

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Q. How is the latency with Ryzen? You moving from an intel system?

A. Old 3rd gen Intel i5 (3570) on one machine and FX 8300 on another. I wasn't able to run my last project even with latency to the max and triple buffer.

With the 2700x, I can run that same project (25 track orchestral using mostly Kontakt libraries) with minimum latency (1ms) and my CPU usage hovers around 65%, with some spikes reaching mid 75's. I keep my latency at 12ms to be sure, but I could probably record in the same project at 1ms without any issues.
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I've found other positive threads like this one too, plus I have to wonder with every patch that's needed on an Intel to address the gaping "speculative execution" security holes, where AMD and Intel really stand in performance. And how many more "Intel Only" headlines will we see down the line like this one from a month ago.
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