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Originally Posted by MaXyM View Post
I believe some of those changelog items are low-level implementation details while other are extension to theming which might be used by theme creators. Unfortunately in a lot of cases it's not clear what those are for.
Let's say what does "Theming: support item_*_hidpi.png on Windows/HiDPI themes" mean. Google knows no explanation for it.

Also "Theming: add [track|mcp]_recarm_[auto_]norec images" feature doesn't fully work in MCP. Already reported in bugs thread.
The lack of explanation on some of them is the reason for the thread. I figured users could see the items and then post a thread asking for further info on the item they have a concern with. And all the items effect theming in one way or another and should be considered by themers if we are to get the most out of the resources and the most out of themes.
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