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Originally Posted by parapentep70 View Post

I installed Komplete 10 2 months ago. At the time I was concerned about the kind of compatibility among Reaper, Komplete Kontrol SW and Komplete Kontrol S49 MK1.

At the time I browsed different forums (specially Native Instruments & Reaper) and I was concerned about Komplete Kontrol SW/HW full compatibility with Reaper. I found some issues and some advice to overcome them... specially for other DAWs, not so much about Reaper. I (wrongly) assumed that this was because Reaper is not the most popular DAW for NI users.

Then I knew about DrivenByMoss4Reaper, I thought it could be the solution to the issues mentioned in formums. But I did not install it because I was in the middle of a project. In fact Komplete was not installed yet.

Later Native Instruments updated Komplete Kontrol SW for better compatibility. I read in some forums that nothing is really required for full compatibility between Kontrol SW, Kontrol Hw and Reaper. I finished my project and I installed all my Native Intruments SW. Then I simply tried and... Everything worked 100% as supposed. Normal MIDI, generic MIDI controls, specific MIDI controls with their pages and names in the screens, transport controls, Komplete sound browser... Now I think I did not find specific information for Reaper users because there are LESS issues with Reaper than with other DAWs.

Today I was cleaning my computer and I saw "DrivenByMoss4Reaper" installer. My question is: provided that everything is working, is there a good reason / advantage / extra feature for Komplete Kontrol (Hw + Sw) if I install DrivenByMoss4Reaper software? Am I missing anything obvious?

Thanks a lot
The DBM4R implementation uses directly USB to read the button presses and fill the display. This gives you some new possibilities like full track names, better device support and access to the Reaper browser. The drawback is that you loose the Komplete plugin support. Since it is free you can simply give it a go and see if it is for you (make sure to use the latest version from my webpage).
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