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I just released DrivenByMoss 4 Reaper 6.0 with lots of new features!
  • Generic Flexi
    • New: Use native dialog for selecting the configuration file.
    • Fixed: Fixed a typo (CC40 was named CC30).
  • Komplete Kontrol
    • Switched to new MIDI protocol (requires Komplete Kontrol 2.1.2)
    • Support for A-series and M32
  • Mackie HUI
    • Support added
  • Mackie MCU
    • Fixed: Knob LED was not turned off on non-existing tracks for panorama mode.
  • OSC
    • Fixed: Reduced the size of a OSC bundles to stay below 64 Kb, which is the maximum for an UDP packet.
  • Push
    • Automation could not be activated if an effect track or the master track was selected.


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