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Originally Posted by leighhunt View Post
On a slight sidetrack, I wonder if there are any plans to open up the script source, from a point of view of learning more about scripts, and editing functionality to suit my needs. So far I haven't tried making control surface scripts, as I had learnt how to access the Reaper api, midi I/O and osc I/O within a vst plugin, built using iplug (controlling a multitouch monitor with a gui built with custom maxmsp external). It would, however, be a neater job if I didn't have to drop my plugin on a track in my project.
The core of this extension is DrivenByMoss for Bitwig, which is available on GitHub. Around it is a thin but totally complicated wrapper to adapt it to Reaper. Since I do not want to support or answer questions about it I will not publish it :-)
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