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Originally Posted by Regisfofo View Post
@ tonegrown

Thanks a lot for your answer, I might go for something alike your setup.
Do you think it could work with only one midi controler to control both reaper instances ?
Before I used pure data and osc, I used Loop MIDI to create extra midi ports. My midi came into the main instance of Reaper and got processed on a channel using midi plugins and then sent/split to that Reaper control buss and a loop midi output that went to the next instance of Reaper. This way I could filter and route however I wanted. It also allowed me to separate the piano keys on the controller and send them to a virtual instrument and use the CC knobs and faders for controlling Reaper. There is a midi plugin out there for Reaper that allows routing a channels MIDI to the reaper control path. By processing the midi before I send it to the reaper control path, I could filter out commands I didn't want going to the control path.
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