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Thanks Tonegrown for your detailed explanation.
I have to try to run two instances of Reaper - haven't thought of that.

And thanks mschnell for elaborating about the reason for the 'gap' :-)

I thinks that's what bothers me most - Reaper is such an awesome, stable and highly customizable program - yet there is this one tiny thing that makes things suddenly a little bit complicated and you rack your brain to find a 'work around' solution - just to get rid of a tiny little 'gap' ;-)

Everything else works fine, my audio buffers, the latency, no playback dropouts - system hardly busy...

I already prepared all my backing tracks, FX automation, vocal FX and so on... early on noticed the interruption when pressing play - but I thought 'you get rid of this later' - can only be an option setting... but, well...

I also gonna try out 'Gig Performer' - also very flexible for 'live' performances...

Any ways - thanks a lot for your help - and still a merry xmas

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