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Default playback without gap

I feel like i have tried every setting over the years to make the gap go away.

I settled on running 2 instances of reaper on the same laptop very successfully. I play guitar and my wife sings and plays piano (virtual instruments). All of that gets handled by the main instance of reaper. I then use a portable instance of reaper with audio coming into the main reaper via rearoute for all the backing tracks.

To give you an idea how it all fits together (hopefully not too far off topic):

The main reaper transport is always stopped but as I jump around the markers, the tempo changes from song to song for tempo based fx. I also do all mixing, headphone mixes and virtual instrument patch changes in the main reaper.

The portable reaper instance plays all the tracks and runs a visual metronome on the laptop screen.

I have each song located at a specific spot on the time line which is the same in both reaper sessions.

For Control (because I'm using multiple instances of reaper)
We use 3 tablets, a laptop, and midi guitar pedal board (wireless with raspberry pi and battery pack) to all send and recieve OSC over our own Wifi in the rack to PureData located on our reaper laptop. Puredata acts as our command central that then send OSC out to the 2 instances of Reaper. It also recieves OSC and sends to our control devices. I have one tablet dedicated to live mixing and 2 sit on the keyboard for setlist control and piano performance controls and feedback.

We have 10+ GBs of samples loaded in the session and each song gets its own set of piano/strings and backing tracks to facilitate the levels and headphone mixes. We have about 50-70 songs in our setup and have had nearly a perfect track record of reliability (Reaper has been perfect) over the 4 years we have been doing this. We use the setup at least twice a week live and much more rehearsing! we can be playing guitar talking and playing piano when we cue up, start, or stop a song with no glitches.

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