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Default Audio stop/reset at playback start

** I used the search function but didn't find any solutions **

I hope there is a quick solution to this :-)

I want to use Reaper for live performance - playback of backing tracks and some VSTi and vocals with FX for live play.
So far so good - everything works fine. No dropouts, no problems...

The only tiny problem - of which I just can't get rid off:
Every time I press PLAY - there is a tiny interrupt, a dropout, a click whatever you would call it - of the 'passed through' signal - the microphone input and the played VSTi.
So - for example - I press a chord, start singing over it - and after a while I want to start the playback... *click* the audio (vocals and synth) is interrupted when the playback starts...
That ruins every possibility of a live performance for me...
Does that mean - that I only can 'perform' when Reaper is 'playing' - without the problem of an audio interruption?!

The problem occurs on MacOSX and Win.
I'm pretty sure there is a setting for this - so far I must have tried everything - on and off @ audio/playback etc settings - to no avail.
But there must be a solution for this, right?!?

How do you solve this problem?

Thanks - and Merry Xmas
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