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Hey all:
I've been playing further with Ninjam on the Raspberry Pi and found the problem I've been having. The good news, is that not only does the curses-based client from the Ninjam site work, but the curses-based client from the archive from Github works as well.
For anyone else wanting to do this, the problem I found was in the compile error message itself, which suggested a line in the Makefile that included the flag -malign-double to read -falign-jumps.
When I changed rthat line, I still got warnings, but the compile was successful and this was the case in both clients.
The distribution I got it working on is an Arch-based one called F123, which is taylored for accessibility for those needing a screen reader.
I'm using a Behrenger UAC22 I believe it's called, and Ninjam works quite nicely with it. It came with my Behrenger Vamp3, which I am rather liking quite a bit as well. So we can happily mark this topic as solved.
Thanks once again you awesome developers of Ninjam.
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