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I have a question concerning REAPER (native built) and Guitarix. I importet the LV2 Version of Guitarix into CARLA and exported (this has to be activated in CARLA via settings -> experimental -> export single plugin to LV2) this as a VST plugin which can be loaded into REAPER.

It works basically but sometimes CARLA makes REAPER crash. How do you guys use REAPER with Guitarix? There must also be the possibility to open the stand alone version of Guitarix and to route the incoming Guitar signal to Guitarix and back into REAPER, right? How can this be done? I don't see the stand alone Guitarix version in REAPER. In Ardour e.g. I have several outpout channels which I can connect in Jack, but with REAPER I only see two output channels which go to the System Playback.

So what I'm looking for is:

Reaper Track 1 out 3/4 (incoming Guitar signal or dry guitar file) --> in Guitarix (Stand alone) out --> Reaper Track 2 in 5/6
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