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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
I absolutely don't see any benefit of per-instance preset list, personally... What could help is having subfolders in the current preset list, though, so that you could sort those presets better.

Also being able to have presets in Project Bay might be beneficial too...
Really?? I see it the other way around, from a practical point of view... While I donīt deny the usefulness, in many cases, of a global preset list, there are countless situations from a compositional point of view where you need to have dedicated preset lists for one or various specific instruments in a project, lists of presets which will only be used there, i.e. across different sections of the composition. Think about it twice and youīll see itīs not a whim but a potential necessity (and one which I happen to encounter quite often). Iīd rather think about this request as the coexistence of both concepts, not just one...

Subfolders is not a bad idea, I agree, but the NI solution (as found in FM8, Absynth, etc) is for my taste far more elegant since it avoids the potential clutter you can get with a global list

BTW, I rediscovered this thread just because I faced the problem once again and did a quick search for any unnoticed workaround regarding this...

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