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Default REAPER with Hydrogen

Open Cadence or QJackCtl.
Go Preferences/Audio/Device and choose Jack.
Go Preferences/Audio/MIDI Devices - Enable 'a2j:MIDI Through'.
Create a new track and insert a MIDI item, double click on it and draw some notes (C2=kick, D#2=snare).
Click the track's Routing and set MIDI Hardware Output to a2j:MIDI Through.

Run Hydrogen.
In Tools/Preferences/Audio System choose Jack in the dropdown.
In Tools/Preferences/Midi System choose JackMidi for Midi Driver.
In Sound Library load a kit.
In the Transport choose Pattern - we're not gonna use Hydrogen's step sequencer, we're gonna trigger it from REAPER.

To route the MIDI and Audio we need to use QJackCtl or Catia.
Connect REAPER MIDI output into hydrogen-midi RX.
Connect Hydrogen L&R outs into REAPER audio in 1&2 (don't forget to disconnect Hydrogen's default system outputs).

Back to REAPER.
Create a new track and arm it for recording, click the monitor button so it turns into a speaker.
Set the input to System 1&2.
Hit Play and loop your MIDI item.
You should be hearing the drums.
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