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Of course Reaper does save the VST parameters according to the VST standard and of course with Kontakt you can load an instrument and tweak it's parameters and then have Reaper save the sound either in a "Preset" (via the "+" Icon) or in the project via "Save Project".

But with that Kontakt will reload the complete sample library when the preset is loaded (e.g. when having Reaper push the saved parameters ("+"-Preset) onto the plugin, and Kontakt obviously takes a considerable amount of time to do that.

Hence using Kontakt's internal preset ("instrument") list is more appropriate for a live setup. (Moreover a modification of an instrument parameter done live is preserved after an internal preset change back and forth, but lost when using Reaper's "+" presets).

And (AFIK), the parameter "position in internal preset list" is not part of the VST standard, but usually managed by sending a midi program change message to the plugin.

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