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Originally Posted by Soli Deo Gloria View Post
FIt is obviously easy with to switch between those ten ReaEQ presets linking them to Program Changes, ... Am I not being clear with this?
I never tried this, so I did not understand that this is your problem. I used LiveConfigs from the beginning of the design of my setup.

Here, LiveConfigs receives the Program change messages from outside (in fact via MidiPC2CC and MidiToReaControlPath) and now LiveConfigs pushes the Paramneters to an (e.g.) ReaEQ instance. Here the instance and the track are clearly defined. No "global" setting at all.

The "request" would be no less than a full integration of LiveConfigs in Reaper. That might be nice, but OTOH, there are only few users that really need such thing. So IMHO using LiveConfigs as a (free) add-on is a good solution.


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