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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
You can save a preset of any plugin with a name. Same will contain the settings of all parameters of that plugin.

So if you have a track containing Kontakt and RaeEQ and want four sounds/patches, You can do the following:

- Add my little "Slider to Midi PS" plugin before Kontakt to process the Midi Stream
- set Kontakt to the first sound ("instrument in bank") by moving the slider of "Slider to Midi PS" and tweak the EQ
- save a preset (by "+") of both "Slider to Midi PS" and ReaEQ wirh appropriate names.
- do same for the other two sound(patches
- set four "lines" in SWS LiveConfigs" to each load the appropriate presets of "Slider to Midi PS" and ReaEQ.
Fine, thanks for the tips and the code! Now, while that is clear as crystal, letīs put another example to clarify the topic. Weīll now forget about Kontakt; suppose you have a track with Absynth and an instance of ReaEQ. Dealing with Absynthīs patches is as easy as it can get, so letīs focus on ReaEQ... You have a project to play live and you save 10 different presets on ReaEQ for different moments of the gig (Iīm talking about Reaperīs own preset system). It is obviously easy with to switch between those ten ReaEQ presets linking them to Program Changes, therīs no doubt about it, but from now on every instance of ReaEQ has that same list of user presets (!). Suppose that you have a different list with other 10 presets exported as a .RPL file. You create another track, put another synth and ReaEQ and import the .RPL list on that second ReaEQ. Now, you have a global user presets list with 20 presets!

Am I not being clear with this? Thereīs only a single, global, unified user preset list for all instances of a given plugin. Besides, whatīs more inconvenient is that its presets can only seem to be removed one by one (!) - unless you deal with .ini files, which is not friendly at all -. A global user preset list is just fine to have a collection of standard settings available everytime you load a plugin, for sure... But on many cases you need a dedicated preset list per instance, to switch between different configurations on each instance of the plugin.

Remember, just grab FM8 or Absynth, to give just a couple of examples, and activate its internal program bank (which is graciously informed to the host, as we know). You now have a dedicated program/preset list for that instance alone, and if you open another instance of the same instrument, you have another blank list available for it. Thatīs the most flexible approach, but it does not seem to be the case with Reaperīs preset system...

Originally Posted by noise_construct View Post
Yes, it could be beneficial to be able to choose between per-project presets and the global list.
Thanks for chiming in and supporting the request! I would emphasize "per-instance presets", as it is the most open and flexible way in my opinion...
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