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You can save a preset of any plugin with a name. Same will contain the settings of all parameters of that plugin.

So if you have a track containing Kontakt and RaeEQ and want four sounds/patches, You can do the following:

- Add my little "Slider to Midi PS" plugin before Kontakt to process the Midi Stream
- set Kontakt to the first sound ("instrument in bank") by moving the slider of "Slider to Midi PS" and tweak the EQ
- save a preset (by "+") of both "Slider to Midi PS" and ReaEQ wirh appropriate names.
- do same for the other two sound(patches
- set four "lines" in SWS LiveConfigs" to each load the appropriate presets of "Slider to Midi PS" and ReaEQ.

Now when selecting a line in LiveConfigs, both Kontakt and ReaEQ will switch to the desired setting.

I did not yet use LiveCoinfigs to activate multiple tracks at the same time. I understand that this is possible by using multiple pages "Configs" (that of course can be handled in the way described). I use multiple pages assigned each to a masterkeyboard to independently switch the patches (unmute the appropriate track and push presets to the plugins there) of either.

IMHO for using multiple sound in parallel in such a "live" situation, it's more appropriate to use a single track and do "parallel FX chains" by making use of assigning the "pins" of the plugins to the appropriate channels (up to 64) within an FX "chain" (than is more like a "net" then).


desc:Slider to Midi PS

slider1:1<1,16,1>Midi Channel

 ps = 0xC0-1;
 mes2 = 0;
 mes2old = -1;

 mes1 = ps + slider1|0;
 mes2 = (slider2|0) - 1;

 mes2 != mes2old ? (
 mes2old = mes2;

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