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Sorry but I don't really understand what you mean.

A "preset" in a plugin (also known as "program", "patch", or "instrument in a bank" in Kontakt speak) is selected by sending a program change message to the plugin. And not (especially not with Kontakt) by loading a Reaper "preset", which is a collection of all published parameters of the plugin and in Kontakt will result in reloading all samples.

So (AFAIK) the only fast way to switch instruments in Kontakt is to organize the instruments in a bank and send a Midi PC message to Kontakt. (I did not research if there is a "bank position" or similar plugin parameter that might be able to be automated by Reaper, as I searched for a method that can be used with any plugin that internally features multiple patches to be be selected.)

That is way I made a JSFX that features a slider with the PC-No to be sent. Now I save multiple Reaper presets for this plugin (and not for the one that creates the sounds) and when loading the preset, simply a Midi PC is sent, that again selects the appropriate patch/instrument in the sound plugin.

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