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Default Native Preset Management : more flexibility and per instance handling

First of all, excuse me if this has already been requested...I havenīt found a proper request such as this but I might be wrong.

Native preset management, as it stands, is not precisely what I would call "flexible". You can only save/recall presets in a global fashion (that is, user presets appear on every instance of the plug). There seems to be no easy way to have a dedicated bank of presets for every instance of a FX (I mean, at least without having to deal with .ini files and all of that, which in itself would be a total mess for many of us).

Regarding this, Native Instrumentsīsynths (mainly FM8, Absynth and Massive come to mind right now, which are the ones I use most) are, in my opinion, can activate/deactivate a bank of 128 programs per instance in which you can load anything that is included in the global database : internal, third party and user presets are easily arranged in the bank and you can have a dedicated list per instance.

Now, if we could just have a way to manage presets more flexibly, with options to have global and/or per instance user libraries, it would be remarkably more useful. When you import a .RPL library, for example, the imported presets are added to the existing list, so you end up with a massive list of all prresets for all projects. Deletion of user presets seems to be done one by one, if Iīm not mistaken. At the very least, .RPL libraries should have the possibility to be saved/recall per instance, in my opinion.

Please, correct me if Iīm wrong in some of my statements, but I havenīt found an easy way to handle presets per FX instance. I also donīt know if this section of the forum is attended at all, but I canīt help suggesting this since it would be of great help with, for example, something like Live Configs from the SWS Extensions...
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