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Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
As an option this would be great. As long as the action in the video stays along the equator this would work pretty well. Anything at the top or the bottom of the viewing field would be pretty wildly distorted and possibly difficult to track or pinpoint.

What about a cubic projection as well where the mixer could choose which panel they wanted to be viewing.

It is theoretically possible to do mouse move capture with the gfx code as can be seen in several jsfx. I have not yet seen it done with the videofx though.
Cubic would be even better and you can just do the map so you can track the motion across the different faces without having to flip between views or provide an option to switch as you've described.

Do you know where I can find more documentation about the jsfx standard used by the video process? I tried a few of the gfx functions from the website and they don't work and I don't want to reverse engineer the existing presets to find what I'm looking for
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