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Originally Posted by ihabali View Post
Been following this thread since I started playing with ambisonics for 360 videos. I think what would be useful for sound designers would be a view that presents the 360 video as is(flat equirectangular) where some markers can be added on the actual picture as it plays back. You can then animate the position of these markers(using automation curves) to track say a moving object within the video. You would then link the values coming from these marker positions curves(converted to degrees) to an ambisonic panner. This in my opinion is a much more efficient workflow than having to pan around the 360 video to see/hear where the sound is supposed to be coming from and track it around.
As an option this would be great. As long as the action in the video stays along the equator this would work pretty well. Anything at the top or the bottom of the viewing field would be pretty wildly distorted and possibly difficult to track or pinpoint.

What about a cubic projection as well where the mixer could choose which panel they wanted to be viewing.

It is theoretically possible to do mouse move capture with the gfx code as can be seen in several jsfx. I have not yet seen it done with the videofx though.

That gfx section in the jsfx code guide is probably your best starting point for features. I'm not sure if it's one to one with the videofx but there are many similarities.
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