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Originally Posted by TumbleAndYaw View Post
Wonderful ! Thanks so much for having a crack at this. Will start playing with it asap.

Can the yaw and pitch (horizontal and vertical rotation ie. x and y controls in this case) be linked to parameters in a VST/JS audio plugin?

Ideally you'd want to rotate the 360 video and the soundfield will counter-rotate, which creates the impression that sound sources stay in place when you visually rotate.
I don't think parameters in the monitoring fx chain can be linked so you can't do it exactly the way you're saying, but what you can do is have an OSC or MIDI controller setup to to control both plugins at the same time. I've been playing around with it and it works really well. Here's me using Lemur on my phone to rotate the both the video and the sound field with OSC (Unfortunately Licecap seems to have trouble showing images from Reaper's video window, so you'll have to just watch the gui controllers moving in the video processor window):

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