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Wonderful ! Thanks so much for having a crack at this. Will start playing with it asap.

Can the yaw and pitch (horizontal and vertical rotation ie. x and y controls in this case) be linked to parameters in a VST/JS audio plugin?

Ideally you'd want to rotate the 360 video and the soundfield will counter-rotate, which creates the impression that sound sources stay in place when you visually rotate.

Another very helpful addition would be some sort of video overlay / crosshair pointer, which would show the mouse/pointer position in horizontal and vertical degrees, so when you have let's say a car engine in the 360 video that's located at 90 left and 20 down, you can move the pointer over the car position in the video and read those values and input them into the audio positioner plugin for that sound source.

Hope this is not pushing it too much...:-) Already very grateful for what we have here so far!
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