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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
OK here's a 360 viewer,

In the next 5.22 pre, I'm going to improve video processors in the monitoring FX chain -- particularly, it will apply them after the main (cached) video rendering pipeline, so you can look around and it won't need to reprocess any project video. Right now (in 5.21) this viewer pretty useless unless you're automating it (e.g. if you have some 360deg 4k video, and you tweak the x/y parameters, it takes forever to update). So try in the next 5.22pre, I suppose...
Just awesome! It's a rather complicated little world doing these spherical mapping calculations but that looks good an everything I've thrown at it so far. The speed issue being fixed so quickly is a big bonus as well.

Might I suggest that the 'y' rotation param be

//@param3:y_ang 'y' 0 -90 90 0.5 1
as there is rarely a need to be upside down and looking backwards when working on an edited video.
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