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I agree that Blue Ripple is very expensive, especially compared to all the other (mostly free) plugins, but they do get updated constantly and new plugins are added complimentary once you buy the package. He just released a 3rd order brick wall limiter which is very useful to get your levels under control.
Apart from that it is the only VST solution afaik that can render 3rd order to binaural directly using the decoders VST package.

To me, once I heard that, it's like night and day compared to 1st order. The soundfield really opens up and you have a much better sense of behind-the-head localization.

I'd be curious about your thoughts re. the upsampler plugin, which is next on my shopping list. Does it make a difference to your Tetramic recordings when you upsample them to 3rd order and then render them to FOA (I'm assuming..) as opposed to just mixing in the the 1st order Tetramic B-format into the TOA stream?

Hope we get this 360 video playback feature soonish..:-)
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