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Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
Which Blue Ripple packages do you own? I'm looking at a few options but they are VERY expensive here in Australia with the current exchange rates. How do you find the necessity for an internet connection at certain intervals to keep them running?

Regarding Harpex, I've been demoing the their plugin for monitoring and while it is good for some things, I find it kills the sense of ambience and depth in some of the more complex soundfield recordings, especially those created with the various Ambisonic mics (I'm keenly eyeing off a Core Sound Tetramic for my next mic purchase).
Location tracking seems to be a bit random with Harpex on some recordings too.
It's an exciting time to be involved in spatial audio. I only own the harpex upsampler (which is a little different than harpex b although based on the exact same technology) but I use the free package as well which comes with some very useful tools. My experience with the licensing has been, license it once and don't think about it ever again. I have had absolutely no issues with it. If I were to buy another of his toolsets it would be the Rupture3d advanced. As you said, they are expensive but if you need what they do (decode to auro 3d and such for example) then they are absolutely worth it.

I agree that it's possible to overdo the envelopment on Harpex but I love the resolution it adds.

Do let us know how the whole Ossic thing turns out. If it's good I will likely follow you in that purchase.
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