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This topic has grabbed my interest. Posting to subscribe to updates.

I contributed to the Ossic Kickstarter campaign and am eagerly awaiting a pair of Ossic 3D headphones which they've just started creating the Ambisonic tools for. I have high expectations for these and am hoping they will be my primary monitoring tool for Ambisonic mixing.

Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
In the meantime, I'm using a variety of tools, Ambisonic Toolkit, the AmbiX stuff, Wigware, and BlueRipple for TOA mixing. I also have the BlueRipple Harpex upsampler which is nice for my tetramic recordings.
Which Blue Ripple packages do you own? I'm looking at a few options but they are VERY expensive here in Australia with the current exchange rates. How do you find the necessity for an internet connection at certain intervals to keep them running?

Regarding Harpex, I've been demoing the their plugin for monitoring and while it is good for some things, I find it kills the sense of ambience and depth in some of the more complex soundfield recordings, especially those created with the various Ambisonic mics (I'm keenly eyeing off a Core Sound Tetramic for my next mic purchase).
Location tracking seems to be a bit random with Harpex on some recordings too.
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