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Originally Posted by the brok View Post
ok, after a lot of work and a great support buy some of you guys here i figured out how to set this up correctly, so here`s my first contribution to the community...

it`s a track template for hypersonic2.
the neat thing is, it treats each multipart as if it was one single vsti, so you only have 16 tracks that have it`s own multipart assigned to it, both midi sending as well as audio recieving on their respective tracks ...
so there`s not 16 tracks that do the midi, and another 16 tracks that handle the audio, which is the most annoying part on all other sequencers, exept logic and energy xt1x/2x.

this is how it looks like:

download the track template here <----

the track template also is including a bus-foldertrack for the entire hypersonic2 signals. if you don`t want that, just delete it. the template can be used with all other 16-times-multitimbral/16-times stereo out vsti`s, too ...

anyone, upload this to that stash thingie at will ...

important: strangely enough (as this is no feedback routing at all) you have to "allow feedback routing" from the project preferences, otherwise it won`t work.

lemme know if it works for you!
Using feedback routing will break PDC. For most users this won't be a good thing. Much better to with separate audio and MIDI tracks (any maybe just hide the MIDI tracks in the MCP).
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