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+1000 for this.

Much of my work is for Radio, and a large amount of time is spent speech editing.

For this, the two functions described here would be incredibly useful, and I believe it would tempt a lot of users away from another workstation which is very common in radio and onto Reaper. Both would need to Ripple items to the right AND to the left of the one being edited.

Function 1 - a mouse modifier to click/drag the edge of an item and have other items on the timeline Ripple relative to the edge.

Eg with two items next to each other on the timeline, and with a short crossfade between them, clicking and dragging the righthand edge (fade out) of the lefthand item would Ripple the items to the right so that the crossfade length remained the same but its position changed. Similarly, if the lefthand edge (fade in) of the righthand clip was dragged, items to the left would ripple to achieve the same effect.

In essence, it would look like X-Rayms demo video (with the offset sliders) above, but by using a mouse modifier to click and drag the item edge instead of the sliders.

Function 2 - another mouse modifier to click and drag the item CONTENTS towards or away from the fade (like Slip edit), and have the other end of the clip remain the same (unlike Slip edit), with all subsequent items (in either direction) Rippling if Ripple mode is on.

This is harder to describe, but it looks like this.... (sorry, I don't know how to embed the video in this post)

It is impossible to overstate how useful these functions would be for Radio use.

Please consider these requests. Many thanks.
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