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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
I'be tried to figure out your mtp preset yesterday.
The problem is that SL and Mackie have different sets of controls.
But what I have, is the second SL controller (mark 1, without leds) and was wondering if it's possible to use controls from both controllers for csurf via mtp.
I didn't found any option setting, that would allow to send midi commands to a particular midi port. Am I right, and this isn't possible?

If your talking about mtp..yes any single translation or a whole preset can be sent anywhere you want. Dbl click on a single translation....outgoing midi tab...send to specific port.

Also as far as number of buttons...what I do is set one button to act as shift...while its held all the other buttons can take on different functions. I have 2 presets in mtp with functions A,and one with functions B. While I hold shift,it goes to B. When released it goes back to A. Simple. I could go on, but:-)

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