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Correct me if I'm wrong.

That means:
  • From Reaper to X32 you can remote control all Channels, Aux, FX, etc. in a live setup
  • From X32 to Reaper you can control as much channels in Reaper as there are Channel-, Aux-, FX-, etc. Layers/Sections on the console in a studio setup.

Thinking the next step forward, you wouldn't need to set up the FX Channels like in your video as FX Channels, you also can set them up as normal channels.
Same with any other kind of channels, like Auxes or DCAs could be normal channels (or MIDI, VSTi, whatever you need).

So you theoretically can control up to (who does the math? I have no X32 here) let's say 92 normal channels in a mix session, by switching through the layers.

Is that correct?
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