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Originally Posted by Aymara View Post
The headphones by BOSE are worth a look. I had the chance to test one of their higher end headphones and found them quite ok, though no comparison to my Beyerdynamic

But these are HiFi headphones, not studio models.
I have a pair of the Bose QC-15 headphones. They are really, really, really hyped in the bass like other consumer headphones. Because of this they are terrible for mixing.

Our house has an open floor plan with living room, dining room, and kitchen being one large open space. If my wife wants to watch something on the TV while I want to read, I have trouble blocking out the TV sound. The Bose are perfect for this.

But with the increased bass in the Bose, I would never be able to create an accurate sounding mix, because the Bose would cause me to increase the mid and highs to compensate.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones would be better. They are surprisingly flat, and the large, over-the-ear pads do block a lot of sound.


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