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Originally Posted by Patrick-Gilles Maillot View Post
As Teddy mentioned, numbering is one thing, I found a few issues in creating a non standard/default OSC config file. Rather than complaining about issues, I rolled up my sleeves and created what I wanted, using the default OSC config (restricted to what the X32 can control).
What issues did you experience here? There are a bunch of issues with the osc config files, but I haven't experienced any that the default config doesn't share.

Originally Posted by Patrick-Gilles Maillot View Post
I just wished the X32 had a jog control (as it was depicted in the very early mockups of X32). I can still add a separate one, and hook it to my program! (and most likely will do so!)
The jog and /rotary setting are the worst and most buggy elements of the osc implementation. So at this point a jogwheel is almost useless. Well well, what can you do. Really hoping for a new osc features and bugfixing wave, like in the early days. My main feature request is a filter for tracknames, and the main bugfix I would like to see is with the jog.
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