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Originally Posted by Patrick-Gilles Maillot View Post
It would have to be ported and recompiled. OSX having a unix origin, I'd hope not too many modifications would be needed.

If I can put my hands on a Mac, I'll give it a shot.
Cool stuff, Patrick! Although I don't have an X32, I'd be happy to help out making an OS X version.

Btw, have you also considered using something like OSCII-bot for this job? It could take platform compatibility issues out of the equation, and would probably also allow users to customize things and experiment more easily.
Originally Posted by Teddy View Post
If I recall correctly, there are at least some minor differences in how the tracks are numbered. Reaper uses 1, 2, 3, 4....etc. X32 uses 01, 02, 03, 04.....

There's probably other issues as well.
... and even if there wouldn't be any such issues, it still makes sense to place some additional 'intelligence' in middleware between the device and REAPER. You have more freedom 'in the middle' to design things to your own preferences, using whatever approach (e.g. programming language, level of abstraction, etc.) you feel most comfortable with, than you'd have inside of REAPER or the x32.
Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post
Do you see big benefits of controlling the x32 from Reaper vs. the ipad app?
For one thing, you could automate (and modulate!) all of its parameters from REAPER - I don't know that app, but I'd guess it doesn't have (similarly powerful) sequencing abilities.
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