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Default ripple editing with item edge

It's the first time i make a FR, so i want to be sure it's needed to or maybe there's something i m missing.
I madea topic about it, but it looks like there isnt.

that's the goal:

in ripple editing you can move all the items from one point to another one by clickin on the first one and move it back or forward.
You can also cut a portion of item, deleting it and all the items on the right will move left next to the just cutted item.
That's great, but, as i work most with voiceovers and speaks in general, often i need to adjust a cut pulling the right edge of an item to recover some cents of seconds of the deleted part.
No problem if i have silence betwen that right edge and the next item, but if i dont have silence and i pull the right edge i have a crossfade were the two items overlap.

This both in ripple mode on and off.

What i want is that in ripple mode on, if i pull the right edge i dont have a crossfade but the next item moves with my pulling.

so the idea could be a mouse modifire on the edge of item that, by ripple editing, does this feature.

i made a gif take from PT (where i took the idea from), and i made an attacched file here, i hope you can see it.

EDIT: ok it doesnt work, i will post it in few minutes
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