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"Grab the edges, you can grab the fades there."

The problem is that you can't grab the fade, until a fade is created and you have to create the fade by manually entering in a numerical value first.

So correct me if I'm wrong, but here's the steps I went thru to create a fade in.
1. Right click on event, select Item properties
2. Enter in some value of length of the fade
3. Click Apply or OK.
4. Goto Track view and alter the length by grabbing the edge.

So, in the Vegas fashion. I elliminate steps 1-3, and jump right to step #4. I grab the top corner edge, and drag my fade curve. If I want to change the fade curve type, I right click on the curve. Steps 1-3 require me to use a combination of the keyboard and the mouse. Mouse to get to the Item Properties UI, click in Fade in Length field. Move my hand from the mouse to the keyboard to type in a numeric value, back to the mouse. Do that on about 50 different events, and I'm ready to throw my keyboard thru my monitor.

My bad...when I zoomed in closer to the event I see it works the Vegas way. You just need to be very precise as to where you have your mouse located to start the initial fade in envelope. Zooming in seemed to help this. I'm probably just too use to Vegas at this point. Vegas has a tiny little triangle in the top of each events corner so you have some visual cue, where to place your mouse cursor.

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