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Default Editing functionality that I think REAPER needs

As (another) Vegas user , I'm loving the way REAPER is heading. I know you've been concentrating lately on the routing and mixing side of things, but I'd like to throw in some feature ideas from the editing side that I think would be really useful. All of these features will be familar to users of a certain app by Sony Media Software

1. The crossfade functionality is fantastic, but would be nice if it was taken further. In Vegas you can use CTRL+ALT to move the position of a crossfade whilst retain its length. Great for perfect music edits.

2. Would be good to be able to 'slip' an event/clip, whilst still keeping its original length in tact, ie using audio that's there but currently not seen or played on the multitrack. Hope I'm making sense. This is currently achieved by clicking ALT+dragging within an event in Vegas.

3. 'Ripple', as Vegas calls it. This is the ability to grab an event/clip and everything to the right of that clip (including automatation envelopes, etc) moves with that clip. Like a temporary grouping of everything to the right of that clip. Also a way of having this on a per track basis only, so only everything to the right of the clip on its track moves.

4. Explorer and Media pool windows, perhaps 'nestable' with the mixer so that one can flick between the three. Explorer is basically a media explorer where you can preview files before dragging them to the multitrack. Media Pool has the same functionality, but only includes files that are within the session already. Plus perhaps like the ability to replace one existing session file with another. Hope that makes sense!

5. Event/clip mute. Maybe it's there already, but haven't seen it.

6. Something like Vegas' Trimmer window - very useful for grabbing bits from long voice or vocal sessions and dragging them into the multitrack.

7. The ability to just use an event's left or right channels, but panned to centre, or to combine L+R to mono.

9. All the event take options we have in Vegas, as Pipeline mentions in another post.

10. Eventually, and obviously I can see this is something that could come later, would be nice to see CTRL+event edge drag for timestretching, pitch shifting and resampling the clips on the multitrack.

Hopefully at least some of that makes sense. Keep up the fantastic work Justin!

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