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Originally Posted by yep View Post
Well hold up there, cowboy. What average signal level is the original "magic box" supposed to run at? 1 volt? Now, what is the equivalent input level of your guitar track (or whatever) that you're trying to "smooth out" by running through it? 9.5 volts? So the processor is doing exactly what it's supposed to do: it's distorting. And you're now trying to fix distortion with more distortion.
Yep, i asked a similar question in another thread but i have to ask it again here. I also thought that the 'input' level into an 'analogue-sounding' plugin mattered i.e. that it was best to make sure the input was trimmed to the 'zone' the original analogue device was operating in. Again a reason to make sure you leave some headroom on your individual tracks, as you and other have been mentioning.

However, i got told in that other thread that those plugins would 'automatically' trim the input to the 'proper' input range (and applying the appropriate gain after the plugin if needed).

So the question is : what is true ? Or is the answer: "we dont know for sure, and leaving headroom on each track will make sure you will never get the issue in the first place".

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