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OK, I wish to mix my new smash hit. And I wish it to have the highest possible "warm" "analog" sound quality. It consists of multiple tracks of a -20dBFS RMS pink noise WAV file, uncorrelated no less, at 44.1kHz. (thanks, Bob Katz) Trust me. This song is going to be awesome.

Anyway, I add the first track, with the fader at 0, and say "Aha!" "This track is peaking at around -11.5dBFS. It's too hot!" So, I access the media item properties and bring the gain down -8.22dB. There. That looks better.

Now, on the master track I've inserted "JS: Meters/vumeter" "JS: Meters/dynamics_meter" and "JS: Liteon/vumetergfx" Pretty! Everything looking good!

But I have unlimited tracks! Let's use them! Now I duplicate the track seven times, for a total of eight tracks. The meters are showing about -13 RMS and about -1.5 peak. Hey, I even left a little headroom for the mastering engineering! This is guaranteed to sound fantastic and super-analog!

OK. Thanks for indulging me. That was pretty ridiculous. But is this the technique (oops! I mean "rule") we're talking about?

Project file attached...
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