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I tried to use the section [trackrecstatus] to shorten the recinput display. Lots of changes were ok, but I couldn't change some.
For example, how do you change what is displayed if you have a certain MIDI channel (any but "All" - I use ch 1 in this example)) selected as track input? If I arm the track for recording disabled it shows (per default):
"monitoring, record disabled: MIDI: All: Channel 1"
I'd much prefer it to say
"mon, no rec: M: All: Ch 1"
I got it so far as to read
"mon, no rec: MIDI: All: Channel 1"
I can live (hesitantly) with "MIDI", but would love to abbreviate "Channel". Is that possible and how?

I admit, it's not really localization I am doing right now , but the word "Channel" would need to be translated as well, so I think there must be a way?
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